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Three Ladybugs painting process

Last week I decided I wanted to paint a scene with some ladybugs on leaves with some sunlight reflecting off their backs. So the first step was to get out some paper, a pencil, and some markers and make a little sketch. blank slate I began with a pencil and outlined the ladybugs and some rough leaves. Then I finished the sketch by coloring in everything, making sure to leave white spots on the ladybugs where I wanted the sun to be reflecting off their shells. markers are fun to use The average color of the artwork is going to be a medium green, so I gave a base coat to my cotton canvas of that color. Then I let it dry and did some pencil sketching on the canvas, using my marker sketch as a reference for where the ladybugs should be. You can erase pencil writing on (dried) acrylic to a certain degree if the pencil lines aren't drawn onto the canvas too thick. Once I was happy with the pencil sketching, I went over the linework with dark, almost black acrylic paint, so th

New Blog

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my new blog. Here I plan to write about the process and work that goes into each of my paintings. I mostly work with acrylic paint, but I do a lot of sketches with pens, pencils, and markers too. There is still a lot of work to be done on the design of this blog, but for now it will do. Thanks for reading! -John